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Bilingual Officiants

Our Team of Bilingual Officiants

(Japanese - Tagalog - English)
Alx ocean

Al-x is an Amazing Bilingual Wedding Officiant. Couples enjoy her loving style of performing ceremonies. She makes them both laugh and cry.

She is one of our Bilingual officiants who speaks Japanese, Tagalog and English. Her low key approach makes each ceremony elegant and fun.

(Spanish - English)
father geoff

Father Geoff is a bilingual former Catholic Priest. 

Pricing starts at $775

He loves to work with couples who have needs for Spanish to be incorporated into the wedding. Either full Spanish or Bilingual.

(Spanish - English)

Hi My name is Octavio. If you are looking for a bilingual or spanish wedding ceremony then please check me out.  My goal and focus is to create an atmosphere of love, regardless of your religion, beliefs or orientation.

(Mandarin - Cantonese - English)
jeannie wong

Jeannie is fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin and English.   Instead of performing pre-scripted ceremonies, Jeannie customize every single one based on your preference and personality. Either you want a romantic, fun, simple or cultural ceremony.

Father Gianni

Father Gianni is one of our Specialty Priests who work with us. 

Pricing starts at $775

Father Gianni Passarella an ordained Catholic Priest and a bestselling author, he is also an international authority on Angels and angelic spirituality! But he knows more than Angels—he holds a PhD in Theology and a Master’s Degree in Biblical Studies. Father Gianni speaks English, Italian, Spanish and French. 

(Spanish - English)
small 2019 Joe Headshot

Joe Wedding Officiant is a Non-Denominational Minister who takes great pleasure in crafting your bi-lingual wedding ceremony that is simply perfect for you.  He loves to learn more about you and your love story, and will build that into your ceremony. Joe’s focus is making sure your wedding day begins by celebrating Love and Community.

(Sanskrit - Hindi - English)
suvin hindu

Namaste! My name is Suvin, and I provide a unique and loving experience. I specialize in providing Hindu style and fusion ceremonies. Whether you are looking for a full traditional, or a more modern version, I am more than happy to perform.

(Spanish - English)

My name is Maricela and I specialize in designing ceremonies that reflect your personal vision. I perform delightful Spanish and Bilingual wedding Ceremonies.

(Spanish - English)

Renzo is an Ordained Non-Denominational Minister. He loves the feeling in the air right before a ceremony; the chatter of guests in anticipation, the laughter of children, the excitement of the couple. He believes a Wedding ceremony is a beautiful tradition. It is the chance for others to witness the testament of your love to another loving soul ❤ while experiencing some of the greatest joys of life.

(Spanish English)
rev sarah

Soy la reverenda Sarah Halverson-Cano. He sido pastora durante 15 años ordenado en la Iglesia de Cristo Unida (United Church of Christ). Fui a la Universidad de Chapman, Claremont School of theology para mi masters, y recibí mi doctorado del Seminario Teológico de Chicago. He servido como pastora de Fairview Community Church en Costa Mesa  durante 13 años.

(Spanish - English)
Ruben bilingual Spanish officiant

Ruben is a Non-Denominational Minister.  When he first began officiating weddings everyone sensed his ability to skillfully conduct a wonderful wedding ceremony. His ceremonies provide the perfect blend of fun, reverence, joy and lightheartedness that makes every wedding uniquely personal, warm, relaxed and always memorable. Ruben is honored to be an integral part of each and every wedding and strives to deliver the best possible ceremony.

(Mandarin - English)

Sarah is fluent in Mandarin and English and can create a ceremony that both Family and Friends can enjoy.  She is an ordained former youth pastor and worship pastor at IMPACT Harvest Church in Monrovia, CA. She was ordained by the River of Life church in San Jose and serves at IMPACT Harvest Church as one of the co-founders since 2005.

She is fluent in Mandarin and English and can create a ceremony that both Family and Friends can enjoy. 

(Korean - English)
Korean Officiant

Jimmy was born and raised in South Korea before moving to the United States at the age of 16. He performs bilingual weddings in both Korean and English, and he enjoys listening to couples’ love stories. Growing up in a bilingual and bicultural environment has allowed me to form strong connections with both Korean and English-speaking communities.

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