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Why not to have your Friend or Family Perform your Wedding Ceremony

Do you really want your AMATUER Friend or Family member to officiate your wedding?

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If you are considering this STOP!

I am not saying this to get more business.

I am doing this to prevent a possible disaster wedding scenario.

After doing this since 2003 I hear about the “Friend Wedding Officiant” all the time by other vendors and Wedding Planners. The conversation usually starts with “OMG I got to tell you what the Friend Officiant messed up at this wedding” and then begin to tell me the horror story. They didn’t use the microphone, everyone stood the entire ceremony, they forgot the vows, they forgot the rings they forgot to tell them to kiss, they stood smack dab in the middle of the kiss picture and so many more stories of the whole ceremony being ruined.

Remember if the friend officiant messed up your wedding you can do it over right??? NO YOU CAN’T. These glitches don’t happen when you choose a Great Officiant.

I also monthly get frantic calls form couples and/or planners or venues that at the last minute the friend officiant cancelled, and could you send us an Officiant right away.

Even Last minute our professionals can create a love o religious driven ceremony and act like they have been booked for months.

So why Stress yourself out and choose a professional.

Would you have a someone do your hair who has never used a brush? NO!

Would you hire someone to play music who doesn’t have a speaker.NO

Would you hire someone to do your flowers who is color blind? NO!

So why would you trust the most important moment is your life together with an amateur. Don’t Do it. Your memories depend on it.

Let your Guests be Guests 

  1. Your friend or Family member should be able to enjoy your wedding. Or give them a task to do that does not require years of professional training.
  2. Make them a part of your wedding party or usher. Have them do a reading in the ceremony. Just don’t have them do the whole thing.
  3. Do you want to risk losing or embarrassing your friend? A amateur has no clue on what is right or proper or the logistics of doing a proper ceremony.
  4. The other vendors will suffer by having to babysit them when they should be doing their own job. This is not an on the job training mission.
  5. Do they know how to use a microphone properly? And how to correctly to work with a DJ to give the proper cues? Probably who knows what will happen and the DJ may end up looking bad due to non-existent guidance.
  6. How about pictures? Do they know how to stand or have the wedding party stand or which way the couple should face to get the best pictures. After it is all done if your pictures suck because your amateur didn’t know basic ceremony photography rules then you are left with bad pictorial memories of the ceremony.
  7. What about Emergencies and interruptions. What if someone faints or there is loud disruptive noises and interruptions? Does your amateur know how to deal with this? NOPE.
  8. Bouquets and rings where do they go? A seasoned professional knows how and where and why to do the appropriate thing with them so it looks amazing and not a learn as you go shambles.
  9. The content of the ceremony is so important. While your friend may know you very intimately, they may not know how to properly weave your story into the Vows, I dos Rings and Kiss properly so it ends just being a ramble or worse it will be embarrassing stories. The ceremony is not the place for that.
  10. Do they know how to fill out a marriage license properly or how to even get one? Probably not. This is the most important part. If they mess up the marriage license your marital status is in jeopardy. Mistakes will cause delays in the recording or even voiding the license if not done properly. Why risk your most important legal decision to an amateur. You don’t need that extra stress in your life.

The bottom line choosing a friend or family member to perform your wedding sounds like a fun idea. In all reality you should really leave it to the professionals.

Let us show you how awesome a Great Officiant can make your ceremony better you could ever imagine.

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