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(Mandarin -- English)

Sarah Wang


Sarah is an ordained former youth pastor and worship pastor at IMPACT Harvest Church in Monrovia, CA. She was ordained by the River of Life church in San Jose and serves at IMPACT Harvest Church as one of the co-founders since 2005.

“Our family and guests enjoyed the ceremony” Source:  Roger H. -- The KNOT Reviews

She received her Bachelor’s degree from University of California, Riverside.

Sarah was born and grew up in Taiwan, moved to the States when she was 12 and can perform bilingual weddings in Mandarin and English.

She loves to marry all types of couples and love to listen to their love stories!

She believes marriage is one of the greatest gifts and also greatest challenge to mankind. Love is always a choice (not just a feeling) and it’s always our choice to keep our love on for each other to keep choosing each other every single day.

When she’s not at her church, working in the community or marrying couples, she’s singing and playing guitar or piano, or spending quality time with friends and family!

Sarah is based in San Gabriel Valley and will travel throughout. So Cal.

Sarah 是 IMPACT 復興教會 (位於 Monrovia, CA) 的青少年牧師以及敬拜牧師. 她的牧師執照於San Jose的生命河靈糧堂頒發,自2005年起擔任IMPACT Harvest教會的創始人之一。 她在加州大學河濱分校獲得學士學位。 Sarah在台灣出生長大,12歲時移居美國,可以用流利的普通話和英語進行雙語婚禮。 她能給所有類型的夫妻證婚,也喜歡聽他們的愛情故事! 她認為婚姻是神給予人類最偉大的禮物之一,也是人生最大的挑戰。 她深信愛一個人永遠是一個理智的選擇(不僅僅是一種心動的感覺),我們必須總是選擇去愛自己的伴侶,並每一天都重複選擇彼此。 當她不在教堂,在社區工作或證婚時,她會唱歌,彈吉他或鋼琴,或與朋友和家人共度美好時光!

Fun Facts

Ocean or Mountains: Ocean always!
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip or Coffee
Soundtrack to your life: Ten Thousand Reasons
Favorite Disney Movie: Aladdin or Beauty and the Beast
Favorite Event Memory: At one of the wedding receptions, in the middle of the father and daughter dance, the father went to his wife and started dancing with her. The groom then went to the bride’s mother (bride’s father had passed away) and invited her to the dance floor. The brother of the bride went and invited the bride to dance, then her other brother invited her to dance while the first brother invited his wife to dance… etc. This all happened simultaneously, nothing was planned before, and needless to say the most touching “father & daughter dance” ever and there were many tears
Your Nickname: Sala (Chinese) or Salita (Spanish)


最喜歡的冰淇淋口味: 薄荷巧克力片或咖啡口味
電影配樂你的生活: 一萬個理由 (Ten Thousand Reasons)
最喜歡的迪斯尼電影: 阿拉丁或美女與野獸
印象最深刻的婚禮插曲: 在一次婚禮晚宴上,在父親和女兒跳了一半的舞中,父親回座位邀請了他的妻子並開始和她一起共舞。新郎便走向新娘的母親(新娘的父親當時已過世)並邀請她去舞池。新娘的哥哥走上前並邀請新娘跳舞,然後她的另一個哥哥接下來也邀請新娘跳舞,而第一個哥哥走回座位邀請他的妻子上前跳舞…. 這一切都自然的發生,之前沒有任何彩排. 不用說這是我目睹最感人的“爸爸和女兒之舞”,當場許多來賓也流下感動的眼淚。
你的暱稱: 沙拉

Notable Wedding Review

From Email

Sarah Wang did an amazing job leading our wedding ceremony on the beach. We had a bilingual wedding ( English/ Mandarin ) and she was very good at switching in between the 2 languages and making sure everyone understood what was going on. Sarah was very efficient in doing the translations and delivering our marriage license on time

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