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Marriage License Application

Confidential Marriage License Application

obtain marriage license

Obtain your Marriage License Application by filling out the form below. We can deliver it to you, or you can get it at our Long Beach office.

“We were also able to take care of our marriage license through Great Officiants and the process was very easy making it one less thing to worry about”  Source: Melissa M. -- WEDDING WIRE

Marriage License Application for California Marriages Only.
Please fill this form out COMPLETELY and click SUBMIT at the bottom of the page If not applicable, just put NA.

Important!!! 3 main requirements to obtain a marriage license (more here)

1. Valid non-Expired ID. The names on this Application MUST EXACTLY MATCH your ID!! (upload on bottom of form or text or email to us)

2. If you were married or divorced in the last 2 years you MUST provide proof of dissolution. (upload on bottom of form or text or email to us)

3. You MUST state you live together. We do not ask for proof. (If you do not live together, you can get a public license from the County Clerks office)

4. Make sure you re listing your MOTHERS MAIDEN NAME (their name at birth or the name on your birth certificate) on the application.


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