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“You May Now Place The Ring On The……Middle Finger” ?

middlefingerrogerRoger married a really fun couple Mike & Iris this last weekend at the Diamond Bar Golf Course.  When Roger met with Mike & Iris to plan the ceremony, Mike pointed out that Roger would have to change the way he instructed them to put on the weddings rings because Mike was missing two of his fingers on his left hand, his ring finger and his last finger, which meant that the wedding ring would have to go on his middle finger.  Roger, always a trooper, said no problem and that he could handle it.  But Mike wanted him to do one better and have fun with it.  All his friends and family have been teasing Mike about it for years so after putting the ring on, Roger asked the couple to hold up their hands and show off their rings and of course, Mike got to give the entire audience his “finger” to show off his ring !  It was an amazing wedding and a lot of fun.

Notice in the below picture all the bridal party are holding up three fingers in support of Mike !

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