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Wonderful Surprise at Mike and Mike’s Wedding

Anthony, one of our Great Officiants, commented upon his amazing sunset wedding below:

I had the privileged of officiating the ceremony of Michael Wayne Couch and Michael Grant Bowden! To keep things organized, we used both first and middle names throughout the ceremony.

20131102 Mike, Mike & AVY

While we were down at the St. Regis Monarch Beach for an amazing sunset wedding, Mike and Mike were under the impression that only their three local, California friends were going to attend because Mike and Mike are from and live in Georgia.

Right as we got into place, before anything was said, Michael Grant’s sister and a best friend of theirs walked up to them. The shock, the happiness, and the joy was wonderful! We were completely surprised at them being there, and it was a truly amazing moment.

Mike and Mike have been wearing commitment rings on their right hands for 14 years. November 2 was 17 years EXACTLY to the day they met. As part of their ceremony, they removed their commitment rings, and finally, replaced them with wedding rings.

It was a perfect event!

20131102 Mike & Mike


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