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Winter Wonderland Wedding at Green Mountain Ranch in Lytle Creek

When I first met with Vincent and Carmen I knew I was the only one who could do their wedding. We had so much fun designing the ceremony.They got married at Green Mountain Ranch in Lytle Creek which is about 5 miles off the 15 freeway going up into the hills above San Bernardino.

They decided to have a winter wonderland theme. And there decorators to the wonderful job bring it to life. Due to the rain they had to move it inside but still the ambience was perfect.
 I started off the ceremony by lighting a memorial candle to give honor to the relatives who have passed.

Once the entire bridal party was up there and the couple was holding hands I broke into song. I sang a modified version of the song “Winter Wonderland” but changed it to “Wedding Wonderland. The wedding party and the guests loved it.

After the vows, when we got to the I do’s, they each wrote three silly I do’s that the other had to agree to. This got a ton of laughter.

After the rings they did the wine box and love letter ceremony where they put some love letters and wine into a box and on their one year anniversary will open the box read the love letters and drinking the wine.

 Then to make sure that their love was real we did a Potion Ceremony. They each had two vials of different colored water in which they poured them into the magical treetrunk. If their love was true, then steam would rise up from the trunk (Of course the trunk was filled with dry ice).

 I did some wonderful closing comments and then pronounced them husband and wife.

It was such an amazing day for me in them and I will always remember their wedding.


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