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White Dove Release Wedding

rogerjosekatelynRoger had the honor of officiating the wedding of Jose & Katelyn this last weekend at the most amazing La Venta Inn, a beautiful wedding venue and (a little bit of history) the first home built in Palos Verdes !  This wedding location has an amazing view of the ocean and expansive views of the coastline and what not better way to celebrate of this beautiful view and their wedding, but with a white dove release !  For as long as time, the white dove has been has been a symbol of peace, love and new beginnings… And at the end of the ceremony, Jose & Katelyn opened the beautiful cage and released the two doves who would now fly home together as a couple for doves stay together for life.  And you could easily spot the male dove because he was the one not following directions home.  The female dove had stopped talking to him as well!rogerjosekatelyn2 rogerjosekatelyn1

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