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Where is Same Sex Marriage Legal and where might it be soon

As you may know Great Officiants is an equality based company. We honor all Adult Couples decision to be United.

Before prop 8 unconstitutionally took away the rights of the rights of Same Sex Couples to marry my company was known as the best place to get hitched for same-sex couples as well as opposite sex couples. We treated all couples equally.

As the Supreme Court decides to take on the issue of the validity of prop 8 we wait. If they decide not to take the case same-sex marriage could resume in California this year.

Today I received an infographic from .

It shows where same sax marriage and civil unions are legal and where there are being considered to be legal.

We hope that the trend of Americans to evolve their opinions to support marriage equality continues. We hope that DOMA is overturned and we hope that we can marry the one adult person that we truly love.

It is not a Democrat or Republican issue..It is a humanity issue.

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