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Wedding Features Songs from Tool, No FX, Pink Floyd, Sublime, Beatles and AFI

I asked my couple if they were on a desert island and you could each have the music of 3 bands with you…what would they be?
His were Tool, No FX and Pink Floyd
Hers was Sublime, Beatles and AFI

So I wrote their story using titles of these band top songs (the selected lyrics are in quotes).


Today is just “A day in the Life” for you both.
You sat around and wondered “What I Got” and you were a couple of “Lost Souls” you didn’t have any “Schizm” because “Idiots are taking over Anarchy” and you were “Comfortably Numb” going about your business but then you saw her and you said “Hey You” “ I wanna Hold Your Hand” and “Love Like the Winter”.

She realized he was not just “Another Brick in the Wall” and that “Sober” Part of your brain said lets “Kiss and Control” and you decided to “Come Together”.

“She loves You” so you had to decide to “Push It” or “Don’t Push It” and chose to not “Leave it Alone” She is young and beautiful and this “Girls not Grey”

So you decided to invite your friends and family and spend some “Money” at this “Camp linoleum” so you could have this “Great Gig in the Sky” and Smoke 2 joints and drink your “40 oz To Freedom”.


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