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A Wedding Day Sign Like No Other………

Roger married Nicu & Marina this last Saturday morning at Point Dume.  It was to be a small, intimate, loving ceremony, maybe only 10 people attending.  The only worry for the day was the forecasted rain.  When Roger left his home that morning to head out for the wedding it was raining pretty hard.  He could only hope that Mother Nature had different plans that day other than to ruin a young couples wedding ceremony….   Because at Point Dume, you don’t really have any other back up plans to get out of the rain……. Roger got there extra early to see if he could formulate some kind of plan if indeed the black storm clouds overhead erupted into rain.  But as Roger was waiting for the couple and the wedding party to arrive, he noticed something…..  Blue skies !  He couldn’t believe it !  Mother Nature had come thru !  And once the wedding party arrived along with Nicu and Marina, Roger wasted no time rounding the group down on to the sand, better not to push their luck, not knowing how long the blue skies would last…….  And no sooner did the wedding party make their way down to the water than Mother Nature played it’s last card…….  Just as Roger was starting the ceremony, the entire wedding party started shouting……….just directly behind them, maybe 50 yards off shore……..were two Pacific Gray whales !  It’s migration season and these two love birds (whales) stopped and stayed for the wedding !  It was amazing !  All the while during the ceremony, these two whales kept rising out of the water to watch the proceedings !  It was like they were giving a sign that all was well with this wedding.  You could not ask for a better sign.

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