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Wedding at the Ebell Club in Los Angeles

I love doing weddings at the Ebell Club in Los Angeles.

 It is a beautiful historic building off of Wilshire Boulevard. Inside it’s many halls lies gorgeous banquet, party and ceremony rooms. The lush interior gardens tie it all together to make it a beautiful space.

Having done several weddings and attended many parties there I know how cool it can be.

 At the wedding today Annie and been tied the knot. They met in Alabama in college and tried to have a long distance relationship but realized they needed to be together. They did a special type of sand ceremony during their wedding. There were four bottles of sand. The first bottle was poured my one set of parents  and then the other set of parents poured the rest. The next bottle was poured by me to represent the rest of their family and friends. The final two bottles were poured by each of them joining their life together.

They even brought their dogs and dressed them up.

 At the end of the ceremony when he dipped her and gave her a kiss all of their guest screamed with delight.

Then my favorite part at the end was getting the red envelope.

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