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Warm Day at the Amin Casa in Palm Springs.

Palm Springs, rabbit statue, Hindu fusion wedding ceremony. Palm Springs Amin Casa

On May 18th, 2019, it was a beautiful, warm day at the Amin Casa in Palm Springs, Suvin performed a Modern Hindu Ceremony for Sarita and Matthias.

A modern wide open arch design.

The couple had family fly in from Germany and India to enjoy this special occasion. Suvin worked with the couple and the family directly to create a customized ceremony. It incorporated many Hindu elements that are common, such as the fire blessing and seven steps, but it also included many western traditions as well.

As usual, Suvin thoroughly explained each tradition, and even translated the Sanskrit portions!

With a good combination of wit, humor, and crown involvement, Suvin was able to make their day memorable and enjoyable.

Sanskrit fusion hindu wedding.

Congrats to Sarita and Matthias!

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