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Two weddings, a year apart in just a month, by Michael

Date: 12/14/14

Venue: Casa de Lago, Orange

David and Rebecca are such a sweet couple and an amazing way to end my year of weddings!  Everything at their venue was ready to go with one problem – a previous wedding's bride and groom were still in the ceremony location taking pictures!  Luckily I knew the photographer and he helped me quietly usher them away so that we could begin our ceremony.

They exchanged Vows, I Do's and walked away as husband and wife to a lively mariachi band where they ended their ceremony with a festive dance.

All our best!


Date: 1/17/15

Venue: Huntington Beach Waterfront Hilton

Cary and Wes were a joy couple to work with!  They wanted something truly unique to them, so I custom wrote and integrated their love story into their ceremony – how they met, first date, proposal, and other fun anecdotes we discussed over coffee a month prior.  Their guests loved it, and it set a perfect mood for the rest of the ceremony.

After they exchanged Vows, Rings and I Do's, I invited both of their mothers up to participate in a unity candle ceremony.

When they got back from their amazing honeymoon, they had this to say:

"Hey Michael,

We just got back from Maui…. Back to the grind.   It's great to hear from you.   We had a fantastic wedding day & it all started with a fantastic ceremony.   Cary &  I couldn't thank you enough for the love story you put together for us.   We had so many different people come up to us & compliment us on how great the entire ceremony was &  asking us how we knew /found you."

It was my great pleasure – congrats to you both!IMG_1515

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