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Two Down, One To Go…

The wedding of Lovensky and Valeria was an especially important wedding to Roger. Not only were Lovensky and Valeria really special people and Roger knew that they were truly meant to marry, but Roger had also married Lovensky’s brother Reginald just last year! At this last weekend’s wedding, Reginald and Lovensky’s mother came up to Roger and thanked him again for officiating her two son’s weddings and said when ever her youngest son decided to stop “playing the field” and settle down and get married, she would want Roger to officiate that wedding as well.  Roger told her he would be honored and that would be a record for him.  Roger has married two sisters and two brothers, but never three!  

2 Down…

The mother also said if Roger could hint to the youngest brother about at least thinking about changing his bachelor ways, it would be greatly appreciated… Roger said he had it handled! Now mind you everyone was on board with this idea. I guess the younger brother’s playboy ways were notorious… So at the conclusion of the ceremony, just after Roger pronounced them husband and wife, he completed the ceremony by saying “Two Down, One To Go”!  The crowd went crazy and the younger brother got the well intended hint!!

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