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This Groom Was One Class Act

Travis and Samantha at Coto de Caza Country Club

Roger had the honor or officiating the wedding of Travis and Samantha this last Sunday at the Coto de Caza Country Club.  Travis and Samantha had chosen to read their own vows to one another during the ceremony and when Roger got to that part of the ceremony, Samantha suddenly asked if she could go first, and of course Roger said yes, certainly.  And the reason for this, Samantha had realized that her emotions were getting the better of her and she wanted to get thru it before she lost her nerve… Well, that is exactly what happened.  She couldn’t get a word out and asked not to do it.  And this is where our Travis, one class act, stepped in.  He whispered in her ear that it was okay and he said that he wasn’t going to read his either and just spoke off the cuff with his true, loving feeling for her.  It was absolutely silent in the house.  It was a perfect decision on his part to take the pressure off her and now they both would have something to look forward to when they read their own vows later at a private time.  It was a perfect wedding!

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