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They Got Hitched Without A Hitch at Sierra Lakes Golf Course

Rev. George turns in this wedding report…..

Sierra Lakes Golf Course 1 Ali and Vivian got married Friday August first at 6 pm. They chose a great venue Sierra Lakes Golf Course. Sierra Lakes has a beautiful Clubhouse and impeccable grounds. The staff is incredible and Becky the Wedding Coordinator made everyone welcome and comfortable.

Ali and Vivian are in love and both are adorable. The Ceremony went well and I received many compliments from the guests in part because of those humorous moments that just happen. After I bless the rings I ask the bride and groom to pick up the appropriate ring. When Ali picked up his ring I repeated myself loudly and the audience roared. Sierra Lakes Golf Course 2The ceremony went well not a single hitch. When I said You may now kiss your bride Ali went for it…the audience said more and they kissed again and before they could kiss again I said You may now stop kissing your bride and everyone laughed. While I am not there to make fun of anyone humor always helps people relax and have fun at their wedding. I will always remember Ali and Vivian and there special day.

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