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Themed wedding ceremony dressed as Marilyn Monroe

I get a lot of crazy requests every day. When Philip and Catherine came into my office to work on designing their ceremony it was just going to be a typical Fun and Romantic Ceremonies like I always do. The wedding was taking place at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. They were doing a Hollywood theme.

After discussing some ideas I threw out as kind of a joke how about if I do addressed as Marilyn Monroe. They loved the idea they wanted to do something to blow away their guests and it did just that.

Nobody knew about it except the couple and I.
So when I strolled down the aisle dressed as Marilyn singing “I want to be loved by you” acappella everybody’s job dropped.

The ceremony content was like typical wording but it gave special meaning dressed as I was.

When it was time for the ring exchange I sang “diamonds are a girls best friend” and stroll through the guests.

At the end of the ceremony they gave each other beautiful kiss and went out for pictures. I then went to the cocktail party and mixed and mingled with the guests so they could get pictures with me.

I’ve then strolled across the street to the Chinese theater and had my picture taken in front of the Marilyn handprints and footprints.

After I got changed and visited the couple and they were all smiles saying that I was a big hit and that all their guests loved it.








Here is an awesome video of this performance:

Videography Credit: Jason Silzle
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