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The tale of the Sake and the Broom

Darius and Yu met while he was serving in the Armed Forces in Japan. They fell in love and knew they should be together.

Living in two separate countries and trying to caring on a romance is not always the easiest thing. They knew their love was strong and that it would indure.

So finally she came out here and they decided to get married on the beach. It was just the two of them and his mother who flew out from New Jersey.

We first met at my office today where I issued them their marriage license so they didn’t have to stand in line at the County Clerk.

Then we made our way down to a beautiful beach area in Long Beach. There was hardly a soul on the beach so I knew it would be wonderful.

On the way there I thought I would surprise them and add two elements from their culture.

I went to liquor store and purchased a small bottle of sake and a couple of glasses. I also grab the broom for them to jump over at the end of the ceremony. 

It was a wonderful way to celebrate such a special day and they love the extra attention I gave them to make the ceremony a true reflection of their love story. 

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