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The Ketchup Packet That Almost Ruined the Wedding at the Oviatt Penthouse in Los Angeles

ketchup1I never imagined that a packet of ketchup would end up being part of a wedding ceremony. But if you know me somehow it was bound to happen.
I arrive to the Oviatt Penthouse about an hour and a half early. I had a fairly complex ceremony so I wanted to make sure that everything was set and ready.

As I pull up, the wedding party is outside taking pictures. I go up to greet them and see panic in all of their eyes and look at the bride dress to see a bunch of red splotches on the bottom.

Apparently, accidentally as they were crossing the street, the groom stepped on a packet of ketchup that squirted all over the bottom of her dress. 

Quickly her bridesmaids and coordinators worked get the stain out of which they were successful doing so with a combination of shout wipes, tide pens and soda water. 

I knew I couldn’t let this go by without mentioning it somehow in the ceremony, so I went on the search in the neighborhood to find a packet of ketchup. I finally found one at a 7-11 around the corner. I put it in my pocket to save it for just the right moment.

Their guests were so much fun to work with and were looking to have a good time. I did not disappoint. 

We did the ceremony underneath a Chuppah, which I explained to their guests its significance. 

The ceremony was a Christian – Jewish combo ceremony. It included first Corinthians and the blessings over the wine and the challah which I did in both English and Hebrew.

They read their own beautiful vows to one another, and at the end of the ceremony, I was about to pull out the glass to be crushed but instead I pulled out the ketchup packet. They both laughed uncontrollably as well as their wedding party. It’s a moment that I know was talked about lovingly throughout their reception. 

Then I pulled out the actual glass to be crushed in its pouch  and with the 3-2-1 countdown, he stomped the glass whereupon everybody shouted Mazel Tov!

Then they kissed and made their way down the aisle.

This is one wedding I know I will never forget.ketchup2 ketchup3

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