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Superman Wedding Ceremony takes off in Fountain Valley


When Luella and Kevin and I were designing their ceremony at the David Baker Memorial Golf Course, we came up with a lot of different ideas. We were doing a full Filipino Ceremony, with cord, veil, and coins and since they were gamers and loved comic books, I suggested Superman! They loved it and so did I! I began the ceremony dressed in a nice gray suit but with a hidden surprise under it. The ceremony went off as normal until after the ring exchange. I then took off my jacket and handed it to the best man and said how hot it was up there. Then I said wow, its SUPER hot, to which I ripped off my shirt, with buttons flying, to reveal the big S on my chest! I then dropped trou to reveal the rest of my outfit and cape. I then finished the ceremony with a wine box and love letter add in, then shared these words with them on how to use their super powers:

Superman – learn what each other’s kryptonite is and avoid using it

Spiderman – use your spidey senses to know when thing are going sideways

Wonder woman – Know that she will always have special powers and never underestimate her.

Hulk – try not to make each other mad. You wouldn’t like you partner when they are mad

Captain America – fight for what’s right in your relationship

Iron man – power up your heart every day

Wolverine – know when to evolve and when to retract your nails

Thor – Know when to put the hammer down

Everybody was completely surprised and loved every minute of it. We wish them a super life together and hope that on their honeymoon that he was not faster than a speeding bullet! Lol.

This wedding was also featured in the Huffington Post:

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