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Sunglasses, Diesel Trucks and Wedding vows

Dustin and Evin got married at a little restaurant called Tiato in Santa Monica.
Upon the entry to their wedding they were greeted with a rack of sunglasses which they were all required to wear.

As we are getting ready for the ceremony and I asked for the marriage license they realize they left it in their room so they sent someone to fetch it.

This is actually a godsend because when the ceremony started the light was perfect.
I started the ceremony with the blowing of the conch shell.
They presented leis to their parents to honor them.
Then craziness happened halfway through the ceremony.
A truck that was parked in the alley decided to start it’s loud diesel engine and go in reverse the loud beep beep beep.
It completely distracted the ceremony but my improv skills kicked in. I told them to never back away from each other and that from this point on every time they hear the beeps of backing up truck to always remember their wedding day.
I was able to distract their guests just long enough for the truck to clear the area and continue on ceremony.
It was a beautiful ceremony and the couple and their guests loved every minute of it.






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