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This small, intimate wedding of eight suddenly became a large celebration !!

rogerzackclaraRoger married Zackery and Clara this last Saturday on the sand in Corona Del Mar beach.  They flew in from Kentucky and wanted to get married on a Southern California beach with a beautiful location and dip their toes in the sand while marrying.  But they had no idea where, so they asked Roger for help in finding a place.  Without hesitation, Roger suggested Little Corona Del Mar beach !   As many of the Great Officiant team know, this location is amazing and generally pretty quiet by the time the late afternoon rolls around, perfect for an intimate wedding.  Roger has married many a couple on this small beach without anybody else there.  Well………… this particular afternoon was a superior day for weather, blue skies, comfortable temperature, absolutely perfect for a wedding……… but also great for late afternoon sunbathing !!  So Zackery and Clara’s wedding of eight guests ended up being a larger group of uninvited guests !  Not that the additional guests were not appreciated……quite the contrary…….  When Roger pronounced them married and Zackary and Clara had their first kiss as husband and wife, the beach erupted in applause, hoots and hollers !  It was an amazing sight.  A group of people who didn’t know either Zackary & Clara celebrated this amazing act of love, their wedding ceremony !!!  Now the only problem was finding seating for the extra guests at their reception ha !

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