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Saving the Day at Triunfo Creek Vineyards

The couple overcame alot to be able to be wed this day. Thank goodness for Wesley and the couples perseverance.

Angel and Armando were dealt something that no Bride and Groom should have to go through a day before their wedding, a close family member was hospitalized. But I have never been so inspired and moved by the grace and sheer will power that had to overcome it. They were kind and calm even after having to move the ceremony a day later. I was blessed to be apart of the wedding of this special couple at Triunfo Creek Vineyards.

Angel and Armando are a unique couple to say the least. Their first date? They went to the movie theater to see ‘Saw 3’. They love comics and shows based on them. During their vows, Armando said he would “be her Spidey” to which Angel replied ‘I will be your Wonder Woman”. Angel’s birthday happens to land on Valentine’s Day and she made sure Angel knew she never wanted to be proposed to on her birthday. So what did Armando do? Just that. She never saw it coming.

But perhaps the most unique and special thing about Angel and Armando is their adorable son, Austin. Together, they make the most impressive team of Super Heroes I’ve ever seen.

To the Happy couple, Congratulations!

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