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Saturday, July 23, 2016. Another Special Wedding preformed by GREAT Officiants Lisa Smith in Mira Loma

FullSizeRenderThe ceremony took place at Cesar and Terry’s private home the setting was of the old West and Mexico Teri look beautiful and authentic in her 1800s dress and Cesar in his traditional rancheros suit was very handsome blended families join together to honor these two beautiful people in love it was very very hot 108° in the shade everybody had a lovely time regardless of the heat. The ceremony went off without a hitch the guest were at full attention waiting for the moment of the I’Do’s  Teri and Cesar shared a kiss in privacy behind Caesar’s big hat they were pronounced husband and wife. As a big celebration followed, the 15 musicians showed up to preform in Caesar’s own band they call themselves Los Amigos. There was also a great mobile DJ Henry to give the band breaks throughout the evening. There were lots of children anxiously waiting for the words it’s time for bouncy house pool this kept them entertained all evening congratulations to a very unique wonderful couple thank you for using GREAT OfficiantsFullSizeRender2 IMG_5055 IMG_5059 IMG_5082 IMG_5094 IMG_5103 FullSizeRender1

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