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Sarah performs a formal yet intimate ceremony

On Saturday, February 7th, Joy and Sam gathered their friends and family together at a beautiful grand home in the quaint rural area of Chino Hills. We did a quick rehearsal with the bridal party prior to the wedding and the groomsmen put their technical skills to work as they figured out the sound system. A cousin stepped in as a wedding coordinator and I quickly directed everyone, so they felt confident about their roles.

Finally ready for the ceremony, all we needed were the guests.  We feared rain, but thankfully only a few droplets fell from the sky during their ceremony, which I assured them was good luck!  

After 7 years of dating, the couple was eager to take their relationship to the next level! Sam was handsome and nervous as we awaited the bridal party's arrival at the altar.  Joy looked stunning as she followed in line with her bridesmaids, making her way to join us under an arch. When it came time for the vows, Joy tearfully recited them as her emotion overtook her. But true to her name, she was filled with joy!

Their family watched the ceremony from lovely decorated tables across the pool and chimed in with lots of applause whenever they felt moved to express their joy!

Their wedding at a home was both formal and yet intimate and the country setting was beautiful. It was truly a joy to experience the celebration of Joy and Sam as they begin the adventure of their wedding and await the birth of their child.  srah1

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