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Sarah Makes Another Connection, at the Immanuel Presbyterian Historic Church in Hollywood

20150606_165125_resizedFrom the moment I spoke on the phone with Leslie I knew there was a connection.  She was looking for a pastor to marry her and her fiance and wanted not simply to focus on the party part of her wedding, but the sacred part of the ceremony.  This was the day she had dreamed about, this was the day she waited her whole life to experience — she wanted her ceremony to reflect her and her faith, but also respect where her fiance was coming from, and do do so in a way that honored the sanctity of their union.  The thoughtfulness and seriousness she put into choosing her officiant told me a lot about the person she is.

By the time I met her and Marco I could tell that both of them are incredibly thoughtful people who are intentional about their relationship and the way they relate to one another.  We spent an extra long time getting to know one another but the hours flew by because the conversation was so easy and natural.  I was impressed with their care for one another and their mature way of approaching their relationship.

Marco's first words to Leslie were "You have my complete and undivided attention" and it is clear that he meant it then and now.  

They were married on Saturday, June 6th in the beautiful historic church, Immanuel Presbyterian in Hollywood.  The bridal party processed in to the organ playing the Beatles' "All You Need is Love" an interesting juxtaposition of the 200 year old sanctuary and its sacred instrument with the classic Beatles.  It was perfect!  Marco is a music connoisseur and their choice of song certainly fit the two of them!

The couple chose to write their own vows, each with a substantial preamble.  Each soliloquy was perfect engaging every attendee while also written explicitly for the other.  I have never heard such eloquence from a bride and groom! 

Their attention to detail demonstrated itself throughout the service in everything from their attendants' attire, to music, decor, ring exchange and of course those articulate love inspired vows!

It was a real joy to preside over Leslie and Marco's service. They are a special couple with an incredible connection to one another and the people who surround them with love.  Congratulations Marco and Leslie!

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