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Roger’s Hawaiian Wedding and Total Eclipse of the Sun Wedding

They say the highest compliment you can pay to a performer is a standing ovation…..and Roger almost got it with his Hawaiian wedding on Saturday at the beautiful Point Fermin Lighthouse in San Pedro….. Not because it was a fantastic ceremony (which it was) or that the entire wedding party thought he did an amazing job (which he did), but because the company that the bride and groom hired to supply the chairs didn’t arrive till 5 minutes after the wedding was suppose to start !!! Roger, being the trooper he is, calmed the bride down and helped the frazzled chair guy unload the chairs and then it was wedding on !!! So almost a standing ovation because of no chairs !! Roger will take it as his own !!

Roger had a great wedding today at the always beautiful Nixon Library in Yorba Linda. It was a great day to get married except for one thing…… Today happens to be an annular eclipse of the sun which means the suns rays are very hard on the eyes and the entire wedding was set up facing the afternoon sun !! It was too late to change the venue direction, so with the entire wedding party shielding their eyes with their very handy wedding programs, Roger breezed thru the wedding !! Of course he didn’t have a problem with the sun, he was the ONLY person facing away from it !!!

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