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Roger Verses Misha the Flower Girl

Roger always likes to officiate at the Calamigos Equestrian Center in Burbank.  It’s a beautiful setting, intimate yet spacious enough… And the bride and groom Jessica and Michael really wanted to make it special, not only for them but for their shy, 3 year old daughter Misha who was going to be the flower girl for the wedding.  They were a little nervous not knowing if Misha would even walk down the aisle let alone make it thru the ceremony.  So they begin the ceremony… the bridal party makes it’s way down… then the families… then the ring bearer… and then Misha… who makes it down perfectly!!!  She even drops the flower petals as planned… 
It’s perfect… until she sees daddy standing there and runs to him to be picked up… But daddy needs her to sit down so the bride Jessica can come out… But Misha isn’t having it… She wants up!! Dad Michael doesn’t know what to do and everybody else is frozen.  So Roger comes to the rescue… He whispers into the microphone that “they have cookies over in the front row for you”… That’s all it took and she was done with daddy… cookies won out!  Thank goodness Roger saw that they did indeed have cookies or he would have some explaining to do! And the wedding went off without a hitch!!

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