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Roger has three weddings, one at Coyote Hills Golf Club in Fullerton, at the Double Tree in San Pedro, and at the Old Ranch Country Club in Seal Beach

Roger had the pleasure of marrying Jason & Katie this last weekend at the always spot on and professional Coyote Hills Golf Club in Fullerton.  It was rather fitting that Jason and Katie marry at a golf course because that met in golf college and both make their living in the world of golf !  They are a truly amazing couple who couldn’t wait for this day to happen.  They both laughed and cried during the ceremony and it was a wonderful day.  And Jason and Katie added something most unusual to their ceremony, something Roger had never heard of…. It’s called the Lovelock Tree Of Life Ceremony.  It’s presented as this beautiful framed tree that holds places for “lovelocks” that represent major moments in their lives.  The locks have no keys and cannot be opened.  Their first lock was presented by both parents and was locked onto the Tree Of Live right then and there during the ceremony.  It was a beautiful touch to a perfect wedding.  

Roger had the pleasure of marrying Robert & Christine this last weekend at the Double Tree Hotel in San Pedro.  A beautiful small hotel just off the water.  And Rob & Christine, although only having a handful of guests, wanted it memorable.  Roger told them not to worry, that is the only kind of wedding he does.  And Roger had a lot of fun with this one.  You see, Robert is with the CIA and Roger asked him if he should mention that or not and Robert said he had nothing to hide ha !  So Roger pulled out the stops and gave the a fun-filled wedding with lots of laughs and tears !  It truly was a perfect, intimate wedding.  And Roger passed the background check too !

Roger had his comedy skills tested that last weekend when he had the very fun job of officiating the wedding for Dennis & Krystyna at the Old Ranch Country Club in Seal Beach.  Now Roger knew from the first time he met with Dennis & Krystyna that Dennis was a joker…..big time !  And every time Dennis would throw out a joke at the planning meeting, Krystyna would just roll her eyes.   She was used to his comedy ways and expected no less of it at the wedding. And boy oh boy did he deliver !  All thru the ceremony Dennis had funny lines and comments, mostly only that Kyrstyna and Roger could hear, so both Krystyna and Roger had to keep their wits about them in order to get thru the wedding !  All in all, it was the perfect wedding and Dennis is missing his calling as a comedian !

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