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Roger….A Great Officiant & Groundskeeper!!

Roger was very excited to be marrying Daniel & Liz that last weekend. They had been at a few of his previous weddings and knew that they wanted him for their wedding.  And what made this doubly special is that the wedding was being held at the Beverly Garland in Studio City just a couple miles from Roger’s house and the Beverly Garland is also a regular haunt for Roger and his family having had Thanksgiving dinners there on more than one occasion.

The only possible issue is that Daniel and Liz wanted streamers thrown by the guests as they walked down the aisle as husband & wife.  The problem was that the venue doesn’t allow streamers !!  And Roger only found this out as he was just walking up the aisle to perform the ceremony whispered to him by the wedding coordinator…..  So at the end of the amazing ceremony, Roger made the announcement about the streamers but also everyone needed to pick up after themselves after the wedding……….Well that didn’t happen……… except for one groomsman………and Roger !!!    It didn’t take long for the two of them to clean up and the groomsman was taken aback that the minister of the wedding was cleaning up too !!  Roger…… A Great Officiant and Groundskeeper !!!

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