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The Ring Bearer Stole the show………

Roger had the pleasure of officiating the wedding of Justin & Jhoanna at the Green River Golf Course in Corona this last weekend.  This was Roger’s first time there and hopefully won’t be the last.  The venue was beautiful and the staff were spot on !  Everything was planned and organized except for one wild card………. Their ring bearer was going to be their dog Square.  A beautiful boy who loves his mommy & daddy very much.  He was to walk down the aisle and deliver the rings to Roger.  Now generally when dogs are involved (and this happens quite a bit), someone walks the dog down the aisle on leash to make sure he or she does not get distracted while delivering the precious cargo.  And Roger being a giant dog lover himself (three English Bulldogs), is always on board for a dog being part of the action!  So in the wedding planning meeting (where Roger got to meet Square), Roger suggested the leash and Justin said “no worries, he will come straight to his dad”.  Well Roger had to defer to Justin who knew Square better than anyone and went with it.  So on the wedding day, after the bridal party had made their way up the very long aisle to the alter…..they unhook Square from his leash and this beautiful dog comes running full steam  DIRECTLY UP THE AISLE !!  He ran right up to his dad and sat down. Never once veering off track and his responsibility ! It was amazing !  Good boy !!!  And to top off this amazing dog’s performance, he sat down between Justin & Jhoanna thru the entire ceremony.  He was perfect and the wedding was perfect !!

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