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Rev. Anthony’s Beautiful Weddings are one in a Million … Pinky Promise!

Jennifer & JeffJennifer & Jeff 20140510

On May 10th, our Great Officiant Anthony was the Officiant of record for this intimate an elopement at the Palisades Gazebo Park.  It was just the three of us for a short, basic ceremony on a perfectly lovely day!


Nikki & Randy

Nikki Randy AVY 20140510

Nikki and Randy had a fairly traditional ceremony at The Villa in San Juan Capistrano, a WONDERFUL venue!  We were interrupted by the bells ringing at the mission so we took a short break until that ended.  They did however add something personal – a pinky promise.  This is something they have done since early in their relationship.  They made their promises hooked pinkies and kiss hands.  So romantic!

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