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Rabbi Barry performs a wedding at the Padua Theater in Claremont

When Doug and Mark contacted me through Great Officiants to perform their wedding ceremony, I realized that I performed Doug’s brother’s wedding two years ago. It was awesome to know that I would once again be working with a wonderful, loving and accepting family.

The venue was one of my favorites, the Padua Theater in Claremont.  Although the setting was perfect the weather was not.  When I arrived, the Chuppah was set up in the courtyard and the wind was blowing a frigid chill through the air. I knew this would be a distraction to the guests, but Mark and Doug were dead set on the outdoor location. When it began to rain they finally decided to go inside.  There were no poles for the Chuppah, so four friends held it up for the entire twenty-five minutes.  They were such troupers and the metaphor of their friends and family being their support, especially during a difficult time, became a large part of the ceremony.

The other memorable part of the ceremony was, Mark.  He was so perfectly witty; people laughed through the ceremony when they weren’t crying.  Mozel Tov Mark and Doug and may you share many loving moments together!

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