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Questions to ask before choosing your Wedding Officiant

Questions to ask your Wedding Officiant. There are some Very Important Questions to ask your potential Wedding Officiant before making a selection. Watch the video and read the Q&A

1.              Can you customize the ceremony?

We customize every ceremony to reflect each couples personal values and beliefs.

2.              Does the Officiant have sample wording/ceremonies/readings to show you?

We have a large selection of ceremony samples and ideas on our website.

3.              Do you require Counseling?

No! Counseling should be done by a licensed professional not an Officiant. If you really feel you need counseling see a licensed therapist. Some Clergy are trained to do this but the majority of Professional Officiants are not. If you want results stick to a professional.

 4.              Is your Officiant known and respected in the Wedding industry.

We have won top awards from The Knot and Wedding Wire and have 100’s of reviews. We are on the Preferred Vendor List at many Venues. Very active in several wedding related professional organizations.

5.              Do you have back up in case you are sick.

We have many Officiants on our team so you will never have to worry.

6.             Will you marry us if we are of different faiths or if we have been divorced?

We honor all couples regardless of their faith or marital History.

7.             Would you allow another Officiant to take part in the ceremony?

We are honored by all who want to take part in the ceremony.

8.              Can we choose special readings or music?

It is Your Wedding. It can have whatever you want in it. We have tools to help you.

9.               Will you give a sermon during the ceremony?

NO! A wedding is no place for a sermon, it is a place to celebrate love.

10.             Do you issue the Marriage License?

In LA County Yes. Otherwise we will guide you on how to get yours.

11.             Will you participate in the rehearsal?

Yes we will be happy to guide you through the whole process. Just ask.

12.             Would you like to come to the wedding reception with your spouse?

We thank you, but as much as we would love to attend your reception, we typically have other events to attend to.

13.             Are there any restrictions as to our attire, or our bridal party’s attire?

There are no restrictions. Let us know the style and we can try to match.

14.             Is flash photography allowed during the ceremony?

We absolutely want your photographer to capture your special day, and will do what’s necessary to ensure they get the perfect shot!

 15.             Will you wear a mic if the videographer requires one to capture the ceremony?

We will do whatever it takes to ensure your video is absolutely perfect, including wearing a microphone.

16.             Can we choose one of your Great Officiants to perform Our Wedding?

YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!

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