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A quaint, romantic wedding at an amazing venue…….

rogerjontanya1Roger married Jon & Tanya this last Saturday down in Dana Point at the Blue Lantern Inn which is an amazing wedding venue.  It was just Jon, Tanya and a handful of guests.  It was held outside just before sunset with a small gathering, truly an intimate setting and Roger gave them a wonderful ceremony.  So much, the very next day he received a thank you note from the bride Tonya.

Roger I just wanted to thank you so much for an amazing ceremony yesterday!  You did perfect!!  We couldn’t be happier!!!  So many people commented on how well you did.  It had the perfect amount of seriousness and also humor.  We loved it!! 

Thank you for being part of our special day. It means a lot that you made it perfect. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!!!


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