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One Wedding Guest They Forgot To Invite…..

 Chakib & Danita

Roger officiated a a very memorable wedding for Chakib & Danita at the The Bistro Garden in Studio city this last weekend.  Roger was just getting to the part of the ceremony when he asks the bride & groom for their "I-Do's" and right at that exact moment when he asks the groom for his response, the groom's phone rings !!!  Now this is a first in all of Roger's weddings !!  Roger even asked prior to the ceremony (as he always does) if the bridal party had their phones turned off and everybody said yes… Guess the groom forgot.  So whoever called, wasn't invited to the wedding !  The crowd got a big kick out of it and Roger had a lot of fun on the spot with it ! 

It was also a very special ceremony because originally, the bride's brother Richard was suppose to officiate the ceremony but fell very ill about a month prior to the wedding and didn't know if he would be able to officiate.  Chakib & Danita reached out to Roger to see if he could be available to officiate if her brother did not recover enough to participate.  Roger said of course, just let him know as they got closer.  Well, it turns out that her brother was not able to officiate, so Roger took it upon himself to reach out to her brother and gather his thoughts and words that he would have liked for his sister's wedding.  Roger then included those words in his ceremony, thus bringing both Roger's words and her brothers all together.  It was a very emotional and wonderful day! 

chakib and danita_2


Here is a note from the bride Danita to Roger:


You ARE fantastic ! We had so many people asking for your contact information and raving about how great you are (we agree!).  And my brother Richard was so pleased with the ceremony and said you were a perfect choice since he couldn't be there. He so appreciated that you kept his words and sentiment exactly as he shared them with you. We are extremely grateful to you. 

THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts ! With much gratitude,

Danita & Chakib


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