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Officiant Octavio Performs Lovely Ceremony for Gaby & Carlos


Gaby & Carlos were so sweet!  When I got to the home I was received with nothing but love by Gaby’s son.  Carlos came out to greet me and he was so kind and calm!  You could tell he was very happy to be marrying the love of his life.  A few minutes later Gaby came out.  She was also very sweet and was making jokes from left to right.  I also noticed she was extremely happy!

 Usually couples are a bit nervous before the ceremony begins, which is absolutely normal.  But in this case, they were a bit more seasoned, so they were very calm and excited.  The ceremony took place in their backyard which they covered with awnings and all the guests were seated at beautiful tables.

Gaby & Carlos, thank you for making my experience such a lovely one!!!  My best wishes are with you both always!

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