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Octavio Saves the Day at the Quiet Cannon in Montebello

octaviolionelandyennyferLet me start by saying I have a very special place in my heart for this beautiful family! We met at a Bridal Show in Quiet Cannon and bonded immediately!!!! Their energies are so special I fell in love with them and was honored they chose me to be a part of such an important day in their lives!!!

Their ceremony was scheduled to start at 5 PM. For some reason there was a miscommunication with the DJ and he wasn’t at the ceremony site. He was still setting up at the reception room. We had to wait half hour for him to bring his laptop and set up the music so that we could start the ceremony. Unfortunately he needed an outlet to plug in his computer and there was none available. Luckily I pulled out one of my wedding playlists on my phone, got the authorization from the bride, and queued the music for the DJ to control it.

It ended up being perfect! Even though it wasn’t the actual songs the bride had picked, she was very happy that I was able to save the day and had some songs she loved! Even the DJ was impressed that the officiant was able to save the ceremony!

During the ceremony we did a family sand ceremony including Anthony, the couple’s son. I’m a huge fan of including family members in the sand ceremony. It’s symbolic to the fact that from that day on you will all be united as one, a family!

I had a wonderful time officiating Lionel & Yennyfer’s wedding!! They are truly special people to me!!

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