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Octavio Performs Three Weddings in One Day


Alcibiades & Vanessa's wedding was the first one of the three wedding day. They tied the knot at the one and only Saddle Peak Lodge in Calabasas.

We worked together, like I do with most of my couples, in designing the perfect ceremony for them. The end product was a bilingual catholic ceremony with the Lasso tradition.

The Lasso was performed by the couple's "Tias", which means aunts in Spanish. Traditionally it is performed by the godmother and godfather of the wedding, but nowadays we can be performed by home ever the couple wishes.

Alcibiades & Vanessa looked absolutely stunning! And as you can see in the picture they could not have been happier! I fell in love with them from the minute we met!

Alcibiades & Vanessa, I wish you guys all the blessings in the world!


Ana & Paola were my second wedding of the day. They tied the knot at Madilyn Clark Studios in North Hollywood. They have a beautiful little garden in the back that is very quiet and private.

We work together to design the ceremony the day desired. The end result was a Spanish Catholic ceremony with the traditions of the Coins and the Lasso. We also did the mothers Rose presentation, but in this case the roses were presented to Paola's parents since Anna's parents were not present. This just goes to show that our add-ins can be customized to what your situation is.

They are such a beautiful couple, and I am absolutely honored to have officiated their ceremony!

Anna and Paola I wish you girls all the blessings in the world! 

PS I loved your bridal party!


WOW!!! I simply have no words to describe the energy of this couple and the entire wedding itself. But I will try!

Craig & Jessica were my 3rd wedding of the day. They tied the knot at Maravilla Gardens in Camarillo. You would think we would be tired after three weddings but this is what we do! And this is what we live for! Three wedding days are my all time favorite!

Craig and Jessica not only have the best energy in the world, but they are also so in love! They are my definition of the perfect couple! They have been together for 7 1/2 years and their wedding just marks another milestone in their already successful relationship.

I am literally in love with this couple! There is so much I can say about them. But I will limit my words to this, when it's my turn to get married I want my story to be exactly like theirs!

Craig & Jessica I wish you all the blessings in the world, all my love, and all the happiness there is.

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