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Octavio performs Three Bilingual Ceremonies Across the County!

1Jake & Maria got married at the Rose Garden in downtown LA. This is such a beautiful location, and it is so big that it's very easy to have a private ceremony even if the park is crowded.

Jake & Maria wanted a bilingual ceremony but Jake doesn't speak or understand much Spanish. In these situations we can still do a bilingual ceremony but since most of it is for the couple to understand I have to be careful and not translate too much so that both of them understand the message we dedicate to them.

Jake brought a wireless speaker which I used to control the music and a tripod to record the ceremony with this phone. When I saw him setting up the phone and tripod I offered to use my phone since it records at 60 frames per second. I gave him a little sample video so that he could see the quality and he was sold!

We used my phone to record the entire ceremony which lasted 15 minutes. Their ceremony was slightly bilingual and we did our "My Favorite" ceremony. They also wrote their own vows, which by the way were absolutely beautiful and touching, and I introduced the "Best Woman," who is Jake's best friend, to come up and dedicate a beautiful and heartfelt message for the happy couple!

Jake and Maria are such a sweet couple and they clearly love each other so much! I wish you guys all the blessings in the world and send you all my love!2

Ana Arely & Mario tied the knot at Hurst Ranch in West Covina. I've done several weddings at this location and they have all been outdoors. But this one was held indoors in their big ballroom. This was wonderful because the couple wanted to keep the ceremony traditional and we did not want to replace the unity candle with the sand ceremony.

We met a few months before the wedding and I fell absolutely in love with them! Mario & Ana Arely are the kind of people that just make you feel as part of their family from the minute they meet you and hug you. When I arrived to their wedding they gave me the same kind of love. It was so cool!

We did our Catholic Lite ceremony with the Coin, Lasso, and Unity Candle entirely in Spanish. The couple were so happy and are so in love that they could not contain their tears. It was so touching to see tears of joy and love!

Mario & Ana Arely, you guys are such an amazing couple and have such kind souls!!!! We need more people like you in this world! I wish you both all the blessings in the world and send you all my love and hugs!3

Words cannot begin to describe how much I love Andrea and Bryan! This is one of the couples that I have worked with the most as we were in constant communication from the moment we met up until the day of their wedding. And they were both always in such a happy and excited mood!

Their wedding and reception took place at Porter Valley Country Club in Northridge. This was my first wedding at that location and it is absolutely gorgeous! I would love to do more weddings there!

I have such a special bond with this couple and when I got to their wedding I bonded exactly the same way with their parents! Both of their parents are so cool and so much fun! I would've loved to stay for the reception and spend more time with them and their families!

As you can see in the picture Andrea and Bryan looked like Hollywood royalty, even when they are not dressed for a wedding! I felt like I was marrying two models taken out of a Vogue magazine!

The ceremony was a bilingual Catholic Lite and we also incorporated the Mothers Rose presentation and the Lasso ritual. Every word that came out of my mouth was incredibly heartfelt as I had the privilege of enjoying the love they have for one another through their eyes, smiles, and tears of joy!

Andrea & Bryan, I am honored and forever grateful that you guys granted me the opportunity to officiate your wedding ceremony and be a part of such an amazing love story! I wish you both all the blessings in the world and send you all my love and hugs!

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