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Octavio Performs a Wedding at Disneyland Hotel’s Rose Court Garden

IMG_0490Carrie & Fernando's wedding took place at Disneyland Hotel's Rose Court Garden. This venue is absolutely beautiful as you can see from the picture. Even though it was a hot day the ceremony took place inside the gazebo so the couple and I were not hot at all and there was a very nice breeze.

We did our "My Favorite" ceremony with a few catholic characteristics added to it such as 1st Corinthians, John 4: 7-12, and A wedding prayer at the end. We also added the sand ceremony but instead of using sand I customized that tradition and rewrote it to make it for a Lego heart. The couple built a red Lego heart with their initials in white. We separated the heart in half and when we got to that portion of the ceremony instead of pouring their sands into the main container the united the heart making it complete which symbolized that uniting their lives completes both of their hearts.

This was truly a beautiful ceremony and I love when my couples get creative with different traditions and add-ins that we can provide. Carrie & Fernando I wish you guys nothing but love in all the blessings in the world! Keep letting your inner childs come out and play!


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