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Octavio performs a heartfelt ceremony at Rancho Las Lomas

Nickole and Omar got married at Rancho Las Lomas. This was my first wedding at this location and I was just stunned by its beauty and enchantment!

This was a bilingual ceremony in which we incorporated the unity candle. We highly suggest to all our couples who want to do the unity candle to replace it with the sand ceremony if their ceremony is going to be outdoors. In this case the unity candle was covered by a glass. It was a bit tricky but luckily there was no wind and the glass did protect the candle from going out.

Traditionally the bride and groom's mother's come and light the candles at the beginning of the ceremony but since I didn't want to have any issues during that portion I called them up once were about to do that ritual.

This is a great example that no matter what happens there are always many ways in which we can all save the day and incorporate whatever you want into the ceremony formally and beautifully.

I would say this ceremony was flawless and of course the bride and groom looked absolutely spectacular!

When Tony, Nickole's father, walked her down the aisle he started crying and almost made me cry too but of course I kept it together. Needless to say it was very touching!

Nickole and Omar you where extraordinary and did such a wonderful job! I look forward to staying in touch with you guys and wish you all the blessings in the world!vio1

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