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Octavio had a three-fer at the end of September

1. Angelica & David got married at the First Congregational Church of Los Angeles. I had officiated there once before and it is my favorite place for weddings. 


When we met they didn't have a venue so I suggested they contact Esther Manilla, the church's coordinator, and they did.


When the doors opened for Angelica and the organ started playing, it was extremely hard to hold back my tears. The feeling was overwhelming and so powerful!!!!


Angelica and David have been together for many years so it was about time for them to tie the Knott. I am honored to have been chosen to officiate their wedding and know their marriage will be for life!


David & Angelica, I wish you all the Blessings in the World!!!

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2. Paulina & George tied the Knott at a beautiful home in Yorba Linda. I had a chance to socialize with their families and friends before we started the ceremony. It's always more fun once we've all gotten to know each other a bit.


Paulina & George both looked radiant!!! They chose to do our popular "Mothers Rose Presentation" which was the only Spanish portion of the ceremony. I'm very close to my mother so this add-in is one of my favorites.


George & Paulina, thank you for giving me the gift of officiating your wedding ceremony! I wish you all the Blessings in the World!!!!


3. Jason & Aimee tied the Knott at The Hurst Ranch in West Covina. This location is very rustic and resembles a Western movie set.


Jason and Aimee chose our Spiritual ceremony which is similar to the Buddhist ceremony but with several twists of course, and not mentioning the religion.


This ceremony went great with not only the couple but also the venue. It was a perfect balance where elegance and class met rustic and vintage. Very beautiful!!!


Jason & Aimee, thank you so much for giving me the honor of officiating your wedding ceremony.


I wish you all the Blessings in the World!!!! 

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