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Not a Dry Eye In The House

Golf course wedding on San Dimas Canyon golf course
Sand Blending Ceremony

Roger had the honor of marrying Travis & Elizabeth this last weekend at a regular favorite of his, the San Dimas Canyon Golf Course. This golf club has a beautiful, enclosed grassy area completely surrounded by beautiful shrubbery for the perfect intimate wedding ceremony. The weather came thru that day and offered up blue skies. Everything was perfect. The only semi-worry was that more that once, the bride Elizabeth had warned Roger to help her keep it together because she knew she was going to be very emotional and Roger assured her that he would…

San Dimas Canyon Golf Course

So Roger did an excellent job of weaving both sentiment and humor throughout the ceremony. What Roger wasn’t expecting was Travis, a true man’s man, a tower of strength… to tear up… No sooner did Roger start than Travis had a tear running down his cheek. It was wonderful… But the greatest moment of the wedding, one Roger will always remember was when Janessa, Travis’s young daughter, burst into tears during the vows because she was so overcome with emotion… At that moment, Elizabeth stopped everything, went over to Janessa, spent a quiet moment with her, got her back on her feet and then came back and continued on with the vows. It single handily was the most amazing moment Roger had ever seen in a wedding. The ceremony continued on and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house! Funny, the one person that was worried about keeping it together ended up being the tower of strength for her family and heck…
for Roger as well !

What an amazing ceremony…..

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