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Magical Wedding at Rancho Las Lomas features Potions, Swords, Harry Potter and love

Marissa Casar & Matthew got married at Rancho Las Lomas in Silverado.

They wanted something different and I was happy to oblige.

They wanted to incorporate Star Wars, Harry Potter and Disney into the ceremony. This would be a challenge for a regular Wedding Officiant but a breeze for Alan Katz.

For the Star Wars I used a quote from the Wedding of Princess Lea and Han Solo. For the Harry Potter they did a hand binding ceremony and each cord was named for a different house of Hogwarts along with the atributes of each house. I also used quotes from the movie to prepare a reading that flowed perfectly. For the Disney I used different movies and character reffrences to portray their relationship.

I created a potion ceremony where they had 2 different vials of liquid and they poured them into this vessel (filled with dry ice and smoke arose from it to signify their love connection. I used swords to have them swear up to proclaim their love for one another.

I of course dressed the part.

Check out these awesome pictures by Lin and Jirsa   949.287.2153




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