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A Loving and Romantic Wedding…….except for the handshake……

rogerjasonkatherineRoger had the pleasure of officiating the wedding of Jason & Katherine this last weekend at the wonderful L.A. Harbor Masonic Lodge overlooking the beautiful bay of San Pedro. This was one of those picture perfect days for a wedding.  Jason & Katherine had picked a beautiful day for a wedding, the location was great, the DJ Jonathan was fantastic and Roger’s ceremony was spot on……….. It truly was a loving and romantic wedding….except for one little thing that the crowd noticed and got a kick out of…..When Katherine walked up the aisle with her godfather who was giving her away, Jason stepped down and hugged the godfather and then turned to Katherine, his wife to be and SHOOK HER HAND !!  And the entire audience chuckled but he didn’t even realize he did it till after the wedding.  Roger wanted so much to include that mishap at the end of the wedding with “I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may now shake hands with your bride”, but decided better to stick with the kiss !!

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