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Lisa had the pleasure of marrying Miguel and Leonor November 26,2016 at their home

No wind, no rain, no ring could stop this couple from getting married on this wet lovely Saturday afternoon all the guest arrived to honor and witness the marriage of Miguel and Leonor at their home in Carson CA. Thanks to the quick action of some great men who scrambled together and were able to prevent the rain from coming into the patio (I forget to say it was outdoors) We had a lot of laughs as we continued the ceremony I asked ” Who has the rings?”  As we found out no one did, we waited a few minutes and the best man went to get them from safe keeping. Our joy , conversation and laughter was about to explode with anticipation!
As we concluded the heartfelt ceremony! Everyone cheered and wished them well. As I pronounced them husband and wife. The evening was celebrated with delicious Mexican food Beverages and of course wedding cake ! Many years of love and success to Mr & Mrs Miguel Lara

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