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Lions, Tigers & Bears Oh My What a Wonderful Wedding!

Roger married Jessica & Roger this last Saturday at a most amazing and unusual location, the beautiful Rancho Las Lomas in the foothills of Silverado Canyon in Orange County. Not only was this wedding venue stunning beyond words, but it’s 32 acres were filled with not only an amazing array of plants and trees, but also an extraordinary collection of animals! All of them looking upon Roger’s wedding!! There was Lily the white bengal tiger, Ziddle and Zaddle the twin Zebras ( We think their twins, they looked exactly alike!), macaws, alpacas, and lots of birds of prey!! Roger had the guests enthralled with his ceremony but the resident animals & birds….not so much. They went about their day adding the occasional whinny, roar and words of advice (the macaw) about the wedding!  Overall an amazing day!

Roger even received this lovely message from our happy couple below:

"Thank you so much. You were absolutely amazing – Roger and I were beyond happy the way you captured our relationship. I had several of my friends and family ask how long we've known you and were floored when we told them we only met with you once. You truly did an amazing job." – Jessica and Roger


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