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LGBT Wedding at Hotel Bel Air in Los Angeles

Brenda and Joetta had their wedding at Hotel Bel Air.

This is such an amazing property. Not only does it celebrate opulence but its grounds are beautiful and the service is spectacular.

The ceremony started off with all of the guests walking in and placing a flower in a special vase. Then Brenda and Joetta walked in together and placed a different color flower in the vase to join the others. 

The ceremony was a custom design ceremony that included most of the traditional items: the vows the I Do's, the rings and of course the kiss. Added to that we incorporated a wine box and love letter ceremony and a lot of other special wording that the couple and I designed together. 

The stage was set, the courtyard was beautiful and the processional went perfect. Unfortunately by the time they got up there it was so dark and I could barely read from my book. Luckily I practiced the ceremony several times before so I knew the content.  I improvised my way through the ceremony and it came out even better than the original script. 

Also in the ceremony was a ring warming where I walked through the aisles and have everybody in attendance touch the rings while I riffed on their commitment. 

At the entry to the reception they have a tray of flat stones and some pens for their guests to write special messages on them. 

They were so happy at the end of the ceremony and they loved every minute of it. And each of their guests came up to me and told me how wonderful of a ceremony it was, and I agreed. 






 Congratulations to both of them.

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